Core 2.0.0 Milestone 1 Released!

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    The MineQuest Team has released version 2.0.0 Milestone 1 of the MineQuest suite!
    This build deviates from the previous version in that it begins the work of splitting main world quests from instanced quests.

    What do we mean by this? Main World Quests:
    • No longer need a party
    • Are started automatically when given.
    • Can be saved at the last checkpoint (task) you completed, and can be continued when you relogin.
    This Milestone has occured while we were working on this, so Main World Quests may be completely bugged. Don't worry, by next milestone it shall be fixed. Hopefully.
    Also, this release provides for our new 2.0.0 API! If you're a plugin developer, you can now more easily base your plugins off of MineQuest! See the API site for more information.
    RPG work has also begun with Abilities and Mob leveling. More information as it is worked on.
    NPC work is still in progress. We haven't forgotten about that, and we're working on making it nice and perfect (kinda).
    Please note that we have moved to a new SQL library, by alta189.
    • Changes in Core
    • Changes in Events (UNTESTED)
    • Changes in RPG (UNTESTED)
    (Yes, I know Events and RPG repositories are named 1-Events and 1-RPG respectively. Fail on my part.)
    Grab Milestone 1 at BukkitDev.
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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by robxu9, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. robxu9
    Just deployed a few critical fixes to Core and RPG. You should grab from our development builds if you use RPG.
  2. cloned
    Awesome! Really like this update. Thanks guys.
  3. EnjeruNyu
    yay finally a new milestone