Core 2.0.0 Milestone 7 Released!

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    The MineQuest team would like to announce the immediate availability of Milestone 7 of the 2.0.0 series! This milestone is a release candidate, which means we want all the feedback we can get!

    Please note that MineQuest-RPG was removed from the core bundle; you can get it from the Bukkit Plugins section of the forum.

    There were a number of fixes for this release, including:
    • <br> can now be used to indicate a newline in Quest descriptions
    • Reward Events are now atomic and require a task id. They should be the only event in the task.
    • /quest drop now defaults to op only for security reasons. /quest admindrop <player> <questname> <complete?> has been added to allow ops to drop quests that players have.
    • Requirements were refactored and now use a flexible event-like manager.
      • Dynamic Requirements are now possible with the API.
      • Repeatable:false now works, too!
      • To check requirements on starting, use StartReq:reqid,reqid,...
      • To check requirements on giving, use GiveReq:reqid,reqid,...
    • The /quest menu was refactored entirely:
      • Doing /quest will now show the player current quests.
      • The only few player commands include /quest start, abandon, active, info, and exit.
      • This was done to simplify the use of commands and prevent confusion.
    • The Instanced handler now deprecates the old LoadWorld and Instance handlers, both which were from the previous systems.
    • i18n keys are now translated on You can add custom translations via the custom.dict file. You can help translate! Go to our Transifex project to translate MineQuest into a language of your own!
    If everything manages to go to schedule, the final release will be in one week.
    Please help test and report any bugs you see!
    After the final release, we will begin planning for the 2.5 series, which we hope to make available with even more flexibility, bug fixes, and features!

    Download (from BukkitDev):
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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by robxu9, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. shayan
    Sry to say this but youre Version seems to be very buggy...

    For example I have madde a testquest and when i start it on the sign the first event apears butwhen i type /quest the quest isnt there and i cant drop it it says "You havnt accepted this QUest"

    The first Event appears as already said but the secon Area Event and the third collect event doesnt work ....

    So i wont call this RECOMMENDED ........
  2. shayan
    and the Spout GUI for Minequest_Citizen dont work either...

    PS:Sry for doublepost
  3. Pixl7
    'Milestone' and 'release candidate' don't translate to recommended. At least not in my town.
    robxu9 likes this.
  4. drAke
  5. robxu9
    Never said it was.

    Anyway, I uploaded Milestone 7.1 - check the new news post.
    Hopefully that fixes some stuff, or your test quest might need work?
  6. robxu9
  7. shayan
    Sry i thougt so..
    But my Test QUets wont work anyways it shows me the FIRST event but the secon area event wont trigger ....

    and when i type /quest my quest isnt showed off....
  8. robxu9
    Again, try Milestone 7.1 - it has some bugfixes, maybe it fixed your problem?

    Either way, please open a new post in Quest/Script Help if you're still having problems.
  9. shayan
    Ok i will Open a post and no it didnt fixed my problems.....