2.0.0M7 OK'ed (Was: 2.0.0M7 Holding on:)

Discussion in 'Archives' started by robxu9, Sep 17, 2012.

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  1. robxu9 Head Developer

    Milestone 7 is holding on:

    • Requirements not working properly
    • /quest menu rewrite
    I will push M7 as soon as these are done.

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  2. robxu9 Head Developer

    I just finished overhauling the Requirements system... (it's almost been a month T_T)

    Affected parts and GIT hashes:

    API: 5411cc99
    Core: 0cc91597
    Citizens2: 82bc22b8
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  3. robxu9 Head Developer

    /quest menu rewrite was done this weekend. Milestone 7 good to go; may need Quest Helper updated though.
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  4. makraiz Moderator

    I'm not sure if anything else changed in the quest writing, but the new way to write in reward events should definitely be updated in the quest helper. The new format is:

    Have these changes been applied to RewardPerm & RewardCmd as well?
  5. robxu9 Head Developer

    Yes. All Reward events have been made atomic.
    cloned will have to revise the Quest Helper ASAP.
    I'll have it marked on the changelog as well.
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  6. robxu9 Head Developer

    Released 2.0.0 M7. Moving to Archives.
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