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  • by robxu9, Aug 25, 2012 at 5:55 PM
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    We're approaching Milestone 7! (RC)

    Hopefully you've all noticed that we've deviated from the normal Milestone per week. That's because we've been busy tracking down bugs and fixing them, as well as doing some extensive testing.

    So! We'd love for you all to help us with this testing! We want to release as stable an RC as possible, as once the RC comes out, if there are any bugs, we'll be forced to handicap the buggy features until 2.1. That isn't good.

    Now, I'm sure you're asking, how can I help with this? It's a simple process, and involves using development builds. Please, do not use these development builds on a production server.

    • Grab a build from our build server. Make sure to grab all updated builds, because having incompatible versions can hinder testing. In the future, we may release an auto-updater that can help with all these jar files.
    • Test it! Put it in your plugins/ folder, and load it up! The best way to test MineQuest is on a brand new clean installation with Bukkit 1.3.1-R2.0.
    • Report it! Tell us if you're having any problems by replying to this thread. Be sure to include the Core Version number (You can do /minequest to see the version number!), a server.log, and the relevant error you're experiencing.
    We're looking forward to releasing a stable MineQuest 2.0, the best yet!
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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by robxu9, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. robxu9
    To make life easier for most of you, here is a bundle that recreates itself every time there is a new development build in any area. If you're on Windows, you need 7-zip.

    Download (link auto-updates on new builds): MineQuest-DEV.tar.xz
  2. MTN
    nice new message, old one "[fail] null" is now: [! error !] An error occured and the quest was stopped. Contact a sysadmin"

    Console: [SEVERE] [MineQuest] Starting task 4 for bernd/Maddis1337 failed!
    You know that quest ;)
  3. robxu9
    Fixed that for you :)
  4. MTN
    the parse load special characters successfully, which is great, but does not display them correctly in the chat (a "?"-like symbol) though Bukkit and Minecraft both can display them.

    For you to copy: ü ä ö ß ;)
  5. robxu9
    Fixed in latest development builds (Core #471)
  6. shayan
    You need to add the Area Preserve Option i already told this to Echobob inIRC but maybe he'll forgot so here a post:

    Area Preserve Option needs to be added
  7. robxu9
    I deprecated Area Preserve.

    There are really twofold reasons for this deprecation:
    1. Main World Quests now no longer need to be set active. They run in the background for players, and there can be multiple quests in the background now. If Area Preserve were to kick in, some quests may have a corrupted state because the world that is expected for the quest has been changed by another.
    2. Area Preserve in itself is flawed. I could restore the state, but how many other people might be on the same quest?
  8. shayan
    Isnt there any alternative for Area Preserve Because :

    Without it many Events are useless for example the Explosion Event none woould use it it would be to much work to reset every Block soo.
    Is the any possibility to mark areas nad set them to blcks like WorldEdit ?
  9. Echobob
    The point he is trying to make is that when the quest is being done by more than one person, the quest wouldn't function right anyways. Those kinds of quests, that involve world changing events, should be run as an instance. That way if you have an explosion event go off and reset in one person's quest, it wont effect the next person's quest.
  10. Echobob
    Try using an instance for that quest.
  11. shayan
    But the Instance Option also doesnt work :(
  12. robxu9
    I just tested it - I've confirmed it's working... Are you using 1.3.1 or 1.3.2? And since this is the DEV build thread, are you on the development builds?
  13. Echobob
    He came back on the IRC. I helped him get it working.
  14. Echobob
    He didn't know that you had to type /quest enter
  15. willkiller1234
    Will citizens 2 be integrated with this plugin in the next build? Or will this have its own form of npc's?
  16. Echobob