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    phrstbrn is pressuring me to post our server here lol.

    Well, I'm not gonna post a whole lot here, just link our server thread and website mainly.

    Myself, phrstbrn (one of the MineQuest devs) and a few others run a semi-popular minecraft server that has officially just gone live with a new map and the MineQuest plugin.
    Note: We only run the Questing side of the plugin. We use our own plugin by the name of Supernatural RPG (also coded by phrstbrn) for the rest of the RPG side.

    Now for the boasting section ;)
    We currently feature, according to, a large percentage of the MineQuest population.
    As I'm typing this we people online.

    Anyways, if you're interested in reading more about it, here are the pages:
    Minecraftforums Thread - Horribly out of date with new map. Supernatural RPG is totally changed. - Official Chaotic Uniformity website.

    Note that as I type this, we're 1 day into an entirely new map with huge changes to most plugins, so there's likely to be some quirks ;)
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