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    Hey, I am a new user to MineQuest and I am not sure if this function is implemented somewhere and I am just being stupid, but this is my suggestion.

    An event objective could be added, like the kill mobs one, except you specify a name of an npc and how many times that npc must be killed (using citizens 2). I think this would be good as you could combine plugins like sentry for Citizens 2 and create your own mobs which could respawn and players could kill in quests. For example, in my world I have created 3 npc's all called 'Goblin'. Killing any one of these in the quest would count as a kill towards the goal. Ultimately the npc mobs would be more customisable than actual mobs, setting the detection range, damage, customising armour and weapons etc. and overall would create a better quest experience. Thank you for reading my suggestion :)

    Edit: Completely missed the 'Future Requests' section (sorry!)
    Could someone please move my topic there? Thanks!
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    This used to be a feature in the older versions of minequest, but has been lost in the rewrite. I'll go ahead and move this to feature requests.
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    Thanks :)
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