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  1. ccrusher1 Starting Out

    This is a checklist for features that should be implemented into Minequest, or have been used in the past.

    *= Need to implement
    #= Should implement
    @= Less Important/Optional
    • Quests
      • Types
        • Kill x mobs/players
        • Collect x items
        • Retrieve an item
        • Travel to
        • Defend
        • Destroy
        • Place/build
      • Quests that can /tp you to another world
      • Quest Requirements
      • NPCs can give quests
      • Rewards
        • Spells
        • Currency
        • Items
        • Access to certain areas
    • NPCs*
      • Folder which can contain skins for NPCs that the server loads from
      • Setting in config file to set which skin is used for a specific NPC
    • Spells#
      • Can Include
        • Lightning strikes
        • Ghast fireballs
        • Growing
        • Water
        • Lava
    • Classes*
      • Can Include
        • Warrior
        • Wizard
        • Ranger
        • Explorer
        • Treasure Hunter
        • Knight
    • Races@
      • Elf
      • Ogre
      • Human
    • Abilities#
    • Special economy@
      • Can Include
        • Trading
    • Bindings#
    • Zones#
      • Can include
        • Cities
        • Wilderness
        • Quest zones
        • Player homes
        • Evil bases
        • Castles
    • Special items@
      • Can include
        • Wands
        • Swords
        • Armor (replaceable by 1.4 colored leather armor)
    Admins/Staff, please feel free to update this list as pleased. This is only a starting checklist.

    File of old Minequest /help and trading are attached.

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  2. robxu9 Head Developer

    Finally got a chance to look at this:

    • Quests stuff should all be implemented.
      • The /tp to another world, however, may not be implemented without some change in the core code.
    • NPCs are no longer handled by MQ, and never will be. I'd rather devote resources to improving the core experience. Plugins like MineQuest-Citizens can fill this void.
    • Spells, classes, races, etc... are to be handled my MineQuest-RPG, which is now undergoing a rewrite.
    • Zones are no longer handled by MQ. I recommend hooking into stuff like Residence or WorldGuard.
    • Economy is no longer handled by MQ; instead, it hooks into Vault for such doings.