MineQuest is dead. Long live MineQuest.

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    I swear I've taken that line from somewhere, but nevertheless:

    With the recent demise of CraftBukkit (which was legally justified, no matter what Mojang or Spigot says; and speaking of that, their PR is absolutely horrible), most people thought that Bukkit plugins were essentially dead. That's right - MineQuest-Bukkit is now dead.

    Long live MineQuest.

    There is a distinction, and I saw this coming nearly two years ago as I undertook the gigantic task of splitting out the API and a Common implementation from the original MineQuest. That was version 2.0. Now, we have been on the cusp of 3.0 for almost a year now, partly due to my lack of time, but hey - it still works.

    MineQuest will continue to work without Bukkit. There has been no need for Bukkit for over a year, and I will most certainly port MineQuest to CanaryMod soon. But where to from there? Sponge? Whatever the Minecraft community comes up with while Mojang does nothing?

    MineQuest has been separate from Minecraft if it has been separate from Bukkit. It does not depend on any sort of Minecraft behaviour. So logically, my next step is a HTTP API. Yes - that makes it integrable with anything.

    So stay tuned. There's more to come.

    aside: someone asked me if MineQuest was staying LGPL/GPL. Yes, it will. The canary port will most certainly be GPLv3, alongside MineQuest-Common; and MineQuest-API will always remain LGPLv3. The HTTP API, following most servers, will most likely be AGPLv3.

    why? it's simple. I'm a one man project. As the project grows, more people will use it. I want those contributions back to benefit MineQuest. And GPL does the job.
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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by robxu9, Sep 8, 2014.