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Discussion in 'Quest / Script Help' started by freezzerrr, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. freezzerrr Becoming a Quester


    I can make quests, and since most people dont know how to do it, i will help you.
    Give your idea what you want down below.
    i will make the quest, with comments how to install it and make it so it works on your world!

    fill in!

    Quest idea:
    World where you want to play it:
    Can play multiple times?:
  2. Darkfeather Becoming a Quester

    Perhaps you could make a tutorial for people starting out? The devs could probably use a comprehensive guide, and their probably too busy to write it.
  3. freezzerrr Becoming a Quester

    yeah, good idea, will post at least one today, maybe more!
  4. Darkfeather Becoming a Quester

    Looking forward to it ^^
  5. Macro Starting Out

    Hi, i have never made a quest before, could you make a cpl for me with the following events and comments so i can backwards engineer and learn how the script works please? can find a way to repay you somehow i hope.
    Quest 1. Start Game.
    New player reads signs on how to start and read quest list then clicks sign to start.

    on clicking sign player is teleported to coord on same world
    recieves message "(player name) *is this possible?* has washed up on the beach"
    and quest ends.

    Quest 2: Player talks to NPC (i think i know how to pair the quest to npc)
    and a diagogue happens
    npc,player,npc,player,npc then npc walks with player through 3 turning waypoints and then player is teleported to a new world specific coors and automatically recieves the next quest "quest 3"
    I think that the elements inside those 2 quests ill be able to later mix and match to make quite a few :D look forward to hearing from you. This plugin looks awesome!
  6. cloned Administrator

  7. Macro Starting Out

    Ah, So they cant follow you? thats odd because i saw them in the demo vid!! grr lol. no worries, i think i know what you mean. So Place them with citizens and name themt then start off the message with <playername>? can i make the screen say the questers player name?
    fyi, quest 1 i have figured out myself do dont worry. trying to work out other ideas now.
    Cpl things? Can i make a quest automatically start when its given to the player at the end of the previous quest? How can i make it show the rewards the player is recieving on screen to them? and can i promote a player into a group post completing quest. I am using PermissionsBukkit + Mchat. :D
  8. freezzerrr Becoming a Quester

    first, do you still need quest 1 or 2?
    second: start end of quest, you could just make the quest longer. It will continue after the reward is given.
    show reward on screen: just make a message event, saying what he gets.
    promote to group: use reward --> command event.
    Then type: "[command to promote] %p [group]" %p=player doing the quest
  9. cloned Administrator

    Yes, you probably did but that was likely before the rewrite. The new MineQuest has been completely rewritten and some features are still being worked on. Such as NPCs.
  10. Macro Starting Out

    ahh ok cool. watched all the video's and im figuring it all out of slowly. Out of interest i do some jave coding but never bukkit before. Can a plugin issue a command to the server? if so for the npc's could you make citizens a requirement. then have the plugin issue
    create npc Sailor
    toggle guard
    body guard &p?
    id love to help u if i can anywhere.

    Back to before can i make the console act as if the player is talking would that be something like
    Message event

    <&p> talk goes here?
    i cant get it going!
  11. freezzerrr Becoming a Quester

    if it works (i dont think so) then it should be %p

    use the reward event --> command event.
    If you want to do the command "/gamemode Freezzerrr 1"
    it should bee "gamemode %p 1"
  12. Macro Starting Out

    Thank you sooo much guys, this is soo exciting. Im speding the rest of the weekend getting started!
  13. Macro Starting Out

    Got most of it going thanks
    fyi the &p works in with the server say command but not in messages
  14. crispythemighty Starting Out

    I suggest using ServerSigns to give the players the quest and then set a cool down that way. You can even disguise the server sign as a minequest sign. :)
  15. crispythemighty Starting Out

    I believe the command is /quest accept questname (questname being the name of the actual quest)

    So with serversigns the command to add the above command would be: /svs add /quest accept questname
    Then any player who right clicks the sign gets the quest. The player must have permissions and Serversigns.Use.* permissions
  16. EnjeruNyu Starting Out

    there is a really really great tutorial i don't think it needs more then 2 o__o
  17. freezzerrr Becoming a Quester

    Dayly quest, hmm, not sure, i dont think that is possible for now.
    it might be added now the IdleEvents are implemented.
  18. leonardisbr Starting Out

    Hi, I´m totally new to Minequest and for my first quest I want to create one for the user to collect some amount of certain types of blocks (64 blocks of each wood block type) in a certain amount of time. The full quest will be:
    1 - Show greeting messages of the quest
    2 - teleport user to a location
    3 - wait 5 min for him to collect all blocks
    4 - if he got it, rewards with money and promote to a special users group (PEX)
    5 - teleport back.

    I think these are the steps, except I can´t find how to limit the time the user has to collect the blocks.
    My quest is this
    Can someone point how to do it?
  19. shayan Starting Out

    It seems that freezer dont want to make this anymore...
    So maybe I can answer things i will make one Quest each day so new Requests can be added but wait....

    I dont know im allowed to do this because maybe Robxu or freezer dont want that soo we will see ....
  20. Cricrithezar Starting Out

    Hello !
    I can't find the problem with my quest, it works fine up to event 7 and it does not display the message or place the block or spawn the entity, it just gives me the leather boots (id:301) after a while. What can the problem be ? (sorry the messages are in french)

    Description:Une sorciere a pris possession des richesses de Bob, il faut les retrouver !
    EditMessage:Attention, elle a peut-etre enchaté ces pierres, mieux vaut pas y toucher !
    NPC:Bob Racha:-2331:65:178:90:90
    Event:2:MessageEvent:200:Bonjour aventurier ! Merci d'avoir accepté de m'aider.
    Event:3:MessageEvent:1500:Une sorciere malefique a volé mes chasettes et les a cachées dans une tour au nord d'Eol.
    Event:4:MessageEvent:3100:Votre travail sera de les récuperer. Revenez me parler lorsque vous les aurez.
    Event:6:MessageEvent:200:Vous : Cela doit être la tour. Maintenant le plus difficile est d'y monter.
    Event:20:MessageEvent:300:Vous : Maintenant, ou sont ces sales chaussettes ?
    Event:9:MessageEvent:200:Voila, j'ai les chaussettes, maintenant il vaudrait mieux d'aller les rendre à leur propriétaire.
    Event:15:MessageEvent:300:Merci infiniement ! Je vous donne ma vieille paire incomfortable et de quoi vous payer de la soupe pendant un mois. Au revoir Aventurier !