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Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by _NewAge, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. _NewAge Starting Out

    Sorry for my bad english.
    I've got some questions.
    Can I do Killevent for players? ( Event:3:KillEvent:2:player?:1 )
    Is there any way how to do move event? ( Go 300 blocks away )
    I created Deliver Quest if someone want to try :
    Description:Pujdes na vypravu do lesa!
    Event:1:MessageEvent:10:Corwyn> Dones  Drevorubcovi na trziste 64 kusu duboveho dreva.
    Event:7:MessageEvent:100:Drevorubec> Dekuji, tady je tva odmena
    Thanks for reasons!
    ** Edit
    Is possible to set collectevent for get him Oak , Spruce , Jungle or Birch wood ?
  2. squeezer Starting Out

    you can set a specific area which the player has to reach. look for area event.
  3. makraiz Moderator

    I'm sorry but we do not have an event for PVP quests at this time. This is a feature I would love to see though. If you make a request for it in the feature requests section of the forum you might be able to catch someone's attention, though I'm not sure if it's feasibly possible.
  4. Echobob Developer

    I may be able to make something like this.
    Would something like PvpKill:<number of kills>,<Event to start> work for you?
  5. makraiz Moderator

    The format should probably be closer to something like this, to keep in line with current formatting:
    I know the second one wasn't requested but a faction based pvp event would be so cool.
  6. Echobob Developer

    Hmmm do you mean factions as in the plugin? Because in that case I would prefer to keep that as an Addon. How exactly would you want that to work?

    Just noticed you put a faction event there as well. That may be possible. I would have to play around with it a bit.
  7. makraiz Moderator

    I confused the name of faction w/ reputation.. which is what I originally intended.
  8. Echobob Developer

    I actually don't think the reputation feature was re-added yet. I think that part of the plugin could probably use some more planning.
  9. makraiz Moderator

    Oh. Well that's too bad, but that's okay. I just wanted to make sure that if we went ahead and added pvp functionality, support for factions/reputation (check for permissions group?) or whatever you want to call it was taken to account, leading to more mmo-like functionality in the future.
  10. Echobob Developer

    Well if someone was to flesh out the reputation system idea to me, I may be willing to code it in. Could be pretty useful.
  11. makraiz Moderator

    Well, the way that it worked was fairly interesting. Basically reputation was tracked in the quester database. You could reward it in quests, and make it required to take quests. It had a variable string name so servers could support multiple reputations/factions (this is why I keep calling it faction instead of reputation). For instance, I used a main world script that kept the gates closed in the spawn city, which would check your reputation in order to start the block events that would open the gates. Players needed to do a couple of tutorial quests explaining the minequest system in order to get the reputation level needed to exit the city. I believe that we only had add reputation and check reputation events. The check reputation event would lead to two different tasks, one for passing the reputation check and one for failing it. If this explanation doesn't make any sense, let me know and I'll try to explain it better. I just woke up so my brain is a little foggy at the moment.
  12. Echobob Developer

    Sounds pretty good. I guess we should really add a fail quest event seems like that could be pretty useful.
  13. Echobob Developer

    I'll see what I can get from the old code. Is there any other events you think we should add as part of the Reputation system?
  14. makraiz Moderator

    Sorry _NewAge for completely derailing your thread.

    Besides tying it in to the player kill events we were talking about earlier in this conversation, I can't think of too much. Have the reputation check event allows you to split quest lines into several different areas through clever usage of it and tasks. It was probably my favorite addition to the original MineQuest. I'll give it some thought, and post here later if I come up w/ anything.
  15. Echobob Developer

    Lol. Yeah sorry about that :p

    I'll try to start working on this as soon as I check everything for the new MC update.
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  16. makraiz Moderator

    Unfortunately we don't have support for this yet either, though I imagine it could be implemented with a CollectDamageEvent. Another feature request I'd say. I should probably move this whole thread to the feature requests.

    Edit: Thread moved.