[RPG] MineQuest-Citizens 2.0.0 [CB 1.4.6-R0.1]

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  1. robxu9 Head Developer

    NPCs can now grant quests to players!

    By using Citizens, you can now create NPCs and have them give quests!
    NPCs can give certain quests based on what the player knows, and also if the player has that NPC as a contact. Multiple storylines can be created through this system!

    Citizens2 is a step up from the original Citizens. Rewritten, and more intuitive, you can now set specifics to these NPCs, or even have non-human NPCs - let a Zombie, Cat, or any other mob give quests as well!

    Requires: Citizens2 2.0.4
    Tested with: MineQuest 2.0.0-DEV (For 1.4.5, see jci.lincomlinux.org), CB 1.4.5-R0.2, Citizens2 2.0.4-dev


    • Commands:
      • /mqnpc <-- for administrators
      • /contacts <-- for players, when NPCs are made available to them
    • Basic Steps to setup:
      • Create an NPC. Note the NPC ID.
      • Use /mqnpc toggle NPCID to let the NPC give quests.
      • In plugins/MineQuest/npc/NPCID.yaml, edit:
        • noquest for the text that the NPC will tell the player when it has no more quests
        • havequest for the text that the NPC will tell the player when it has quests
        • dontknow for the text when the player doesn't have the NPC assigned (only used when contacts are enabled, advanced users only)
        • activemsg for the text when talking to the NPC with a quest that they give
        • quests: [questone,questtwo,questthree] <-- what quests the NPC will give
        • recommend: [0,3,4] NPC IDs of the NPCs that the NPC will recommend when it has no more quests.
      • Changes apply instantly.
    You can download snapshots of this from jci.lincomlinux.org. Please note that MineQuest-Citizens follows development builds.
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  2. cloned Administrator

    I love you
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  3. crispythemighty Starting Out

    This is a plugin to Citizens2 (Beta) or Citizens (Release)? I know it's the same team but both are still available. Just need a clarification.
  4. robxu9 Head Developer

  5. EnjeruNyu Starting Out

    works perfectly *____* thank you so much <33
  6. Dominic Chadbourne Starting Out

    how do u get that gui to open up? no matter what command i seem to try it does not appear, and to be clear we should have citizens2,minequest, and minquest-citizens?
  7. Echobob Developer

    Well the gui requires Spout as well as the three you mentioned.
  8. _Maxin_ Starting Out

    I need help!
    I don't know many things:
    - How do I create other types of npc's like mobs etc.
    - How do I assign quests to the npc's ( and make them go in an order)
    - How do players get the quest and accept it?

    When i left click it says:" I don't know you. "

    Please help!
  9. robxu9 Head Developer

    Look up documentation for Citizens2 on their wiki - wiki.citizensnpcs.net
    You should activate them with /mqnpc, then go ahead and check plugins/MineQuest/npcs and modify their yaml file.
    You should assign them either through commands or through quests - I think through quests it's NPCAssignEvent - I'd have to check.
  10. _Maxin_ Starting Out

    Thanks for some of the help but it's still not clear...

    So in the yaml file for an npc I put in the: "quests: [questnamehere]"
    What about the: "recommend: [ ]"?

    I just need to know how I make it show quests instead of I don't know you.

    And there is a contacts tab but how do I add a contact, does that have something to do with him saying I don't know you?
  11. robxu9 Head Developer

    Recommend does nothing right now.

    As for the contacts, you can add one with the /mqnpc menu.
    In the near future, players will be able to remotely call active contacts by doing /contacts call <npcname> - making life much easier.
  12. robxu9 Head Developer

    In the near future, I'll be adding these events:
    • NPCLeftClickEvent
    • NPCRightClickEvent
    • NPCAreaEvent
  13. willkiller1234 Starting Out

    13.09 16:36:22 [Server] SEVERE at com.theminequest.MineQuest.Quest.QuestManager.onPlayerJoin(QuestManager.java:367)
    13.09 16:36:22 [Server] SEVERE at com.theminequest.MineQuest.Quest.Quest.startTask(Quest.java:144)
    13.09 16:36:22 [Server] SEVERE at com.theminequest.MineQuest.Tasks.Task.start(Task.java:94)
    13.09 16:36:22 [Server] SEVERE at com.theminequest.MineQuest.Events.MQEventManager.constructEvent(MQEventManager.java:115)
    13.09 16:36:22 [Server] SEVERE at com.theminequest.MineQuest.API.Events.DelayedQuestEvent.setupProperties(DelayedQuestEvent.java:32)
    13.09 16:36:22 [Server] SEVERE at com.theminequest.MineQuest.API.Events.QuestEvent.setupProperties(QuestEvent.java:73)
    13.09 16:36:22 [Server] SEVERE at com.theminequest.MQCoreEvents.MessageEvent.parseDetails(MessageEvent.java:40)
    13.09 16:36:22 [Server] SEVERE at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(Integer.java:514)
    13.09 16:36:22 [Server] SEVERE at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(Integer.java:493)
    13.09 16:36:22 [Server] SEVERE at java.lang.NumberFormatException.forInputString(NumberFormatException.java:65)
    13.09 16:36:22 [Server] SEVERE java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: ""
    13.09 16:36:22 [Server] SEVERE [MineQuest] [Event] In retrieving event MessageEvent from Quest ID {mq.file=/home/minecraft/multicraft/servers/server50/plugins/MineQuest/quests/Beginner.quest, mq.name=Beginner, mq.displayname=Travel, mq.description=Travel to whiterun and help Jill, mq.accept=Quest accepted!, mq.abort=Quest aborted!, mq.complete=You've successfully completed the quest!, mq.spawnreset=true, mq.spawnpoint=[D@778b8315, mq.editmessage=ยง7Stay focus, mq.world=world, mq.loadworld=false, mq.tasks={0=[Ljava.lang.String;@684b1503, 1=[Ljava.lang.String;@1950ad73, 2=[Ljava.lang.String;@7fab6600, 3=[Ljava.lang.String;@4db5cb7b}, mq.events={1=MessageEvent::TownMaster>You will be teleported to WhiteRun. Find Jill and start your quest, 2=TeleportEvent:T:1500:1:886:78:-93, 3=MessageEvent::Hello, i can use your help!, 4=QuestEvent:350:2, 5=CollectEvent:2:74:5, 6=RewardMoneyEvent:50, 7=MessageEvent:100:Thank you!}, mq.targets={1=com.theminequest.MineQuest.API.Target.TargetDetails@5a422018}, mq.edits={}, mq.netherworld=false, mq.requirements=[com.theminequest.MineQuest.Quest.QuestReq@2b4935f3]}:willkiller1234:-1:
    13.09 16:36:21 [Multicraft] willkiller1234 ran command Message of the Day
    13.09 16:36:21 [Connect] User willkiller1234, IP
    13.09 16:36:20 [Server] INFO [Denizen] Building Location Bookmark Trigger List. Size: 0
    13.09 16:36:19 [Server] WARNING Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?
    13.09 16:36:19 [Server] INFO [TownyChat] -******* TownyChat enabled *******-
    13.09 16:36:15 [Server] INFO [Metrics] Server returned HTTP response code: 502 for URL: http://mcstats.org/report/Citizens
    13.09 16:36:15 [Server] INFO [MineQuest] [Quest] Loaded Help4.
    13.09 16:36:15 [Server] INFO [MineQuest] [Quest] Loaded Gate.
    13.09 16:36:15 [Server] INFO [MineQuest] [Quest] Reload Triggered. Starting reload...
    13.09 16:36:15 [Server] INFO [Citizens] Metrics started.
    13.09 16:36:15 [Server] INFO [Citizens] Loaded 1 NPCs (1 spawned).
    13.09 16:36:14 [Server] INFO [Metrics] {0}
    13.09 16:36:14 [Server] Startup Done (7.534s)! For help, type "help" or "?"
    13.09 16:36:14 [Server] INFO Server permissions file permissions.yml is empty, ignoring it
    13.09 16:36:14 [Multicraft] Skipped 86 lines due to rate limit (30/s)
    13.09 16:36:14 [Server] INFO [Denizen] Loaded WALK Command successfully!
    13.09 16:36:14 [Server] INFO [Denizen] Loaded CAST Command successfully!
    13.09 16:36:14 [Server] INFO [Denizen] Loaded HEAL Command successfully!
    13.09 16:36:14 [Server] INFO [Denizen] Loaded HARM Command successfully!
    13.09 16:36:14 [Server] INFO [Denizen] Loaded FEED Command successfully!
    13.09 16:36:14 [Server] INFO [Denizen] Loaded CANCELTASK Command successfully!
    13.09 16:36:14 [Server] INFO [Denizen] Loaded RUNTASK Command successfully!
    13.09 16:36:14 [Server] INFO [Denizen] Loaded IF Command successfully!
    13.09 16:36:14 [Server] INFO [Denizen] Loaded RANDOM Command successfully!
    13.09 16:36:14 [Server] INFO [Denizen] Loaded HOLD Command successfully!
    13.09 16:36:14 [Server] INFO [Denizen] OK! All scripts loaded!
    13.09 16:36:14 [Server] INFO [Denizen] Processing script Activity Scripts.yml...
    Can you tell me why am i getting this error?
  14. robxu9 Head Developer

    Can you give me the whole server.log from this session? It's not telling me enough information.
  15. Echobob Developer

    Also paste it to pastebin or something.
  16. robxu9 Head Developer

    I added an option to toggle assignments off. Check npc.properties.
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  17. willkiller1234 Starting Out

    Do you just select an npc and type /mqnpc
    Everytime i type /mqnpc i get an internal error
  18. robxu9 Head Developer

    MineQuest-Citizens follows dev builds. If you're getting errors, you may want to upgrade your core MineQuest to a development build (which is totally not recommended)
  19. willkiller1234 Starting Out

    How do i get the lastest development build?
  20. Echobob Developer