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    MineQuest is undergoing structural changes in the run up to the next version of MineQuest, version 3.

    I'd like to reveal some of those changes today:
    • More Quest Formats: Now structure your quests not only in our custom (and still ideal) format, but also in JSON, XML, Javascript, and Python for full flexibility*!
    • Better Abstract API: MineQuest just trimmed down some fat and is now Bukkit-slimmed, which means that it's easy to port to any other platform, like Forge!
    • Streamlined: While this is more of a developer issue, it pertains mainly to performance. tl;dr better performance.
    • Targeting Revamp: Custom targets can be added via plugins†!
    We hope you stick with us as we begin migrating some of these changes to MineQuest 2.1+, in order to present a smooth transition! This may require some Quest files to be edited, but we hope the benefits outweigh the costs!

    Please do note, though, that time is currently limited and many of us are busy. We hope to have MineQuest 3 out soon, but no guarantees.

    * Javascript and Python quests are only available for dungeons. Lua might come in the future.
    † Also possible with JS and Python, as that integrates with Java when coded correctly.
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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by robxu9, Jul 21, 2013.