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    In order to keep plugin releases organized and sane, all plugins must follow these guidelines. If you have any suggestions please feel free to post feedback.

    Plugin Release Title
    Titles should begin with the category information, to help someone identify its function it provides by glancing at the thread title.

    Use "/" to split multiple categories.

    Plugin Name
    Keep it simplified. We reserve the right to remove any plugin if it is found to violate any of our guidelines or to be offensive in nature.

    Version Number
    We recommend either following the x.x.x (also seen as major.minor.revision) versioning system or to only use build numbers. Complex version systems only confuse admins.

    CraftBukkit Builds and Versions
    To help users identify what build of CB your plugin was designed for, please add the appropriate tags at the end of your thread's title. Example: [CB 1.2.5-R4.1] and similar ad-based linking services
    We conditionally allow the use of and other monetary ad-based services for downloads. If you feel compelled to use an indirect link, you must also include a direct link for the exact same file. If we discover you do not provide a direct link, action will be taken against you.

    Direct links must not be shortened or in any way obfuscated the source of the download. Redirects are not allowed.

    Maintaining your plugin
    If you lack the free time to maintain your plugin further, we recommend you add the Inactive prefix to your thread title. Plugins will also be moved to the inactive/unsupported section if requested by the author, or if we find that the latest version no longer works.

    Formatting your thread
    While the actual layout of your thread is at your discretion, we strongly encourage you to enumerate the features of your plugin clearly, respond to all comments and bug reports positively, and keep an active change log on the progress of your development.

    Plugins with exceedingly poor formats (one or two sentence posts) aren't acceptable.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.