Video Tutorial Quest Making!

Discussion in 'Tutorial Showcase' started by freezzerrr, Jul 5, 2012.

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    Thanks for making these :)

    Edit: I watched it now that I'm on my home computer. These are really good, thank you! Just as an OCD note, you misspelled Tutorial in the video titles. It doesn't matter to me personally but it may help people searching for videos
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    Dude! How about explaining what your doing and why! I mean, your not being very explanitory. What ARE these different options? Why do you choose what you do? What do these things mean? You just assume we all know everything you do. All this tutorial does is show us how to do exactly what your doing not letting us know how to do one of our own.
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    At the time of him making these videos the wiki had a lot more information. For some reason the content is gone. Which will be available again.

    He willingly made these tutorials in spare time, we don't put any expectations in tutorials that are fan submitted. However, he does explain how quests are put together but since its hard to understand please just ask questions. If you have a lot please put them in another thread to be answered by others.
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    I need a quest very similar to your collect, but restriting the time the user has to collect the items. Which step shoul I add to the quest?
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    Hi there, I don't mean to bother any of you, but I would really like to get started on using this plugin. I have everything installed and I've searched hi and low for videos, including these ones that do not work and I am sadly stuck. I wanted to start making my own quest and I have multi-worlds. I am planning on having them go from the main world, to another one, and the nether. When I try to use the command /debug or /createtown or /qtown nothing works. Nothing allows me to click the ground to get the cordinates to enter into minequest helper? Because the videos out there are from the older version I'm not sure if there is a different way to do this now. Is there someone that can kindly help or at least direct me to somewhere so I can understand this better. I really hate being a bug. Thank you.:)