Will this quest work as intended?

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  1. Snear Starting Out

    That's my quest.
    As soon as the quest is initiated, I want the player to teleport to this location with a message and full health:

    Event:2:MessageEvent:20:Delve into the crypt and find the source of this dark power.

    Then I want the quester to travel to the end of the dungeon, where a final boss mob will spawn, along with another message:

    Event:5:MessageEvent:10:What is this foul beast? It must be destroyed!

    then the quest completes when the boss is killed:


    I'm not sure whether I've done it correctly. I don't really know how tasks work. I just used tasks to group Events.
    I plan to write more quests in future, and this is my first attempt, so I appreciate any help!
  2. freezzerrr Becoming a Quester

    you need to select an area for the targets
    i see an error at event 3
    you need a killevent to trigger task 2

    edit: please come on the chat
  3. Echobob Developer

    Guess you are a fan of Hatventures :p

    When using the teleport events you need to set a target. In the updated code (seen below) shows a PartyTargetEvent that will mean the teleport event will done on the entire party. This means in the box that says "Target ID" you would put the id of the target which is set when you make the target.

    I changed a few other things but overall it was pretty good.


  4. freezzerrr Becoming a Quester

  5. Echobob Developer

    Already fixed it :p you had to reload this page. If you click the link again it will be fixed.

    Edit: or that didn't edit didn't work -_______-
  6. Snear Starting Out

    Oh okay, I didn't understand the usage of Targets.
    I noticed you regrouped the tasks differently. What way are you supposed to group them?
    IdleAreaEvent also has task #10, but there is no task #10.
  7. Echobob Developer

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  9. Echobob Developer

    The HealthEntitySpawner switches to the next task when the mob dies.
  10. Echobob Developer

    Oh change the task on the HealthEntitySpawner to task 2. Must have missed that when I was editing.
  11. Snear Starting Out

    Oh yeah I forgot about that. I will test it out now! :D
    Updated quest.
  12. Snear Starting Out

    The first part seems to be working, however the boss mob doesn't spawn.
    I wanted the coords given in AreaIdleEvent to trigger the boss spawn when the player/party goes to them coords.

    Edit: If I die I don't go back to the coords I gave either, I just go back to the regular spawn.

    Edit2: I start the quest and get teleported. Then I see the message I gave. But it seems like the quests just ends there. It doesn't show up in my active quests and I can't leave the quest since I'm not in a quest.
  13. freezzerrr Becoming a Quester

    as i said earlier, there is an invalid delay, i will post the new one
  14. Snear Starting Out

    What number is valid for a delay? I assumed I could use any number for the delay.
    I'll have a look at using the delays you used.
  15. freezzerrr Becoming a Quester

  16. Snear Starting Out

    That quest seems to have the same problem. I start the quest and it teleports me to the dungeon, but then nothing happens when I go to the end of it (no boss spawns).

    An yeah I noticed that there was some text in one of the delay inputs in the previous version.
  17. freezzerrr Becoming a Quester

    questmaker changes my quests, so pastebin here :D
    Problem is that questmaker changes delay into IdleEvent, which is an invalid input.
    Thats why it skips that event, and cannot complete the task.
    So try it with the pastebin
  18. Snear Starting Out

    Still doesn't seem to work. I just teleport and the quest sort of... ends without any notification.

    It's like the quest only notices the first 3 events (0,1,2)
  19. Echobob Developer

    May be a bug with MQ. May I see the log?
  20. freezzerrr Becoming a Quester