Best Practices Guide

Best Practices Guide
Best Practices Guide

Here at MineQuest, we want to ensure you can create the best and most intuitive quests possible. We have a set of best practices that we hope can help you in creating these quests.

By following these, we can also ensure that there are no rooms for possibly security flaws, duplications, or cheating.

  1. Comment your Quests. You can use the # symbol to denote comments on every new line. If you don't know what your quest is doing, how will you be able to find bugs?
  2. Give events that reward users their own task. Reward Events should be instantaneous and not wait on any other event so that the user cannot disconnect and get the reward twice.
  3. Test early, test often. The /quest reload command is there so that creators like yourself can make sure their quest is working as expected. If it isn't, then that needs to be remedied.
  4. Give a good description! You need to give an intriguing description to your quest! Lure the user in to make them want to play the quest!
  5. Make a task description. Don't leave your users hanging on what to do - show them the way or give hints that they can look at!
  6. And more coming soon!
Nov 13, 2013