Commands and Permissions

Commands and Permissions
There are many commands available at your disposal with MineQuest.
These are all implemented in the latest version of MineQuest released by us.

Quest Commands:
Call with: /quest [cmd] [params]
  • reload quest_name: Reload a quest into memory. Useful if you're constantly tweaking .quest files and you need to see changes without a restart of the server. If you omit quest_name, the server will attempt to reload all quests, which may freeze your server.
  • admindrop player quest isComplete: Drop a quest for a player. If true is specified for isComplete, the player will drop the quest as completed; otherwise, it will drop the quest as if the player had never had it to begin with.
  • admininfo quest: View information for any quest.
  • admingive player quest: Give a player a quest.
  • userhas player: View the quests that a player has.
  • drop quest: Drop a quest. This is turned off by default, as it can allow cheating and retaking of the quest. We recommend that server administrators moderate drops by dropping quests for the player with admindrop, completed.
  • info quest: View information for your quests.
  • abandon: In an unfinished active quest, leave the quest.
  • exit: In a completed active quest, leave the quest.
  • start: Start an given quest. (Main world quests are always active)
Party Commands:
Call with: /party [cmd] [params]
  • accept: Accept a pending party invite.
  • create: Create a party.
  • invite player: Invite a player to your party, if they are not already in one.
  • kick player: Kick a player from your party.
  • leave: Leave your current party.
  • list: List all members of your current party, including health and level.
  • promote: If you are the party leader, promote another person to be leader in your stead.
Sign Permissions:
Permission: minequest.sign.[perm]
  • takesign: Take a quest from a sign.
  • placesign: Place a sign with a quest that players can take.
Dec 26, 2012