Installation Of Minequest
This guide assumes that you know how to install a MineCraft CraftBukkit server already. See instuctions at

I even included pictures.

1. Place the MineQuest jars in your plugin folder. (Make sure you have Vault)
The MineQuest folder gets created upon first run. Ensure that you put in only the Components you want. Some people don't like RPG, for instance; so they don't place MineQuest-RPG in their plugins folder. See Components for information on what each jar is about.

2. Run the server, then stop it.
We need to create the quests folder.

3. Open up your new MineQuest folder.
Should look something like this:

4. Open up the quests folder, and place your quests there.
Take note of the name of these quests (before the .quest). The quest names should NOT have any spaces.

5. Start your server and Minecraft, and proceed to login:
You can use any client.

6. Make a sign and follow the format below.
The second line should say "[quest]" and the third line should contain the quest file name, without the ".quest" part. If you did this part correctly, [quest] should turn green.

7. Right click the sign to see the details, left click to get the quest!
Aug 8, 2013