MineQuest is made up of various parts that work with each other to bring you the quests you love:

  • Events are the the various inner workings of the Quest. They define the actions that the quest takes, and subsequently execute them when they are called. When the player, for example, says that they want to teleport, the event will teleport them.
  • Tasks define how the Events themselves are executed. When the quest executes a task, the task takes the list of Events that was passed in and executes them in a certain way.
  • Quests hold these internals all together by providing the interface with which the player interacts with the quest elements. It keeps tasks, Events, and nitty gritty details together.
Some of the properties a quest can have include:
  • General Properties: Name, Description, Spawn Point, World
  • Requirements: What do you need to do to get or start the quest? Does it need to be started on a certain day or time, or do you need a certain amount of money?
  • Editable Areas: What areas do you want to allow the user to edit?
  • Targets: Do you want to limit the affected players for some Events?
Nov 13, 2013